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Take a Dip  or Take a Stroll


We live in a city with a buzzing downtown and a top research university sandwiched between two lakes teeming with their own life. Our website, Between Two Lakes, explores the interactions and connections between inhabitants of Madison and its neighbors, Lakes Mendota and Monona.

Our reporters delve into the science of what is contaminating the waters, tell stories of students who make use of the lakes even when a thick layer of ice traps the tides and share photos of the different angles a camera snags of Lake Mendota from restaurants along its shore. We talked to the people who examine what goes on beneath the waters, as well as those that incorporate Madison’s lakes into their lives and make Madison the unique isthmus it is.

We invite you to sit on a famous sunburst chair at the Terrace and learn about these waters that you can see on either side of the land we walk. We want to teach you about what we swim in and drink, why the watercolor sunsets shimmering on the lake bring tourists to the city and students to the university and what stories the lake tells and inspires.

-Sammy Gibbons and Megan Janssen, Managing Editors