What is Limnology?

Scott Reichel and David Hayes

The University of Wisconsin-Madison takes great pride in its Limnology program. However, some students on campus still have no idea what Limnology truly is. Hayes and Reichel provide those students with an answer.

Mysterious Mendota whistle


By Baylee Wellhausen and Karolina Barej 

It’s finally Terrace season! The famous chairs are out and boating begins. Furthermore, an iconic and eerie whistle commences to sound.

This story reveals the true story and purpose behind Lake Mendota’s boat whistle. You may be surprised to hear that you are not the only who’s been startled or confused by the sound.


Lake Mendota Buoy

By Gia Dinon and Jacob Borowsky 

UW-Madison’s Lake Mendota buoy is known worldwide for its valuable data collection. But many people don’t know what the buoy is, or how the data it collects contributes to the treasured lake life at UW. We spoke with some experts to find out more about how “David Buoy” helps improve the study of lakes at UW-Madison and beyond.