Birdwatching near Madison’s lakes

By Parker Schorr

All it takes is a pair of binoculars, patience and some luck to see some of the 400 or so species of birds that live in Wisconsin. Many of these birds – both residents of Wisconsin and migratory birds – live in harmony with Lake Mendota and Lake Monona.

Shake the lake: A Madison tradition

By Kynala Phillips

One of Madison’s staple events each summer is Shake the Lake. A day long event that stretches the length of John Nolen Drive with food carts, vendors and musicians galore. Each year people walk up and down the blocked off boulevard that lines Lake Monona while patiently waiting on the evening’s fireworks. As night falls, the street becomes more crowded and the smell of brats and beer become more alluring. Bikers and skateboarders smoothly navigate their way through the large clusters of people–young and old. By 8 p.m., all the families have marked their territories with blankets and baskets, while young children dare to run off far enough to test the boundaries of their freedom.

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Waterfront festival

By Will Kenneally and Erica Gelman

Many Festivals occur annually in Madison. Some of these festivals occur on the waterfront. Will Kenneally and Erica Gelman of Between Two Lakes looked into one such festival, the Marquette Waterfront Festival off of Lake Monona.