Development on the Isthumus: Madison’s history

By Mitchell Rose

Madison is defined by its lakes. The isthmus affects every part of life in Wisconsin’s capital. It provides beauty, recreation and attracts people from across the world. But the lakes also provide hard boundaries where development is impossible, and they require constant monitorization for environmental problems. Homes, businesses, parks and so much more line the lakes. They’ve shaped and molded life in Madison it’s hard to dissociate them from the town at this point, but once not so long ago they stood undisturbed by development.

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Many factors influence a student’s decision to live on the lake

By Joelle Stewart

There are many lakefront apartments in Madison, Wisconsin, that vary in location, cost and amenities. Most students are willing to pay a slightly higher rent to live on the lake, but they expect these apartment buildings to have certain features in return.

Rental agents and property managers in the area believe that there are numerous factors beyond the lake that draw students to apartments on Lake Mendota.

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Mysterious Mendota whistle


By Baylee Wellhausen and Karolina Barej 

It’s finally Terrace season! The famous chairs are out and boating begins. Furthermore, an iconic and eerie whistle commences to sound.

This story reveals the true story and purpose behind Lake Mendota’s boat whistle. You may be surprised to hear that you are not the only who’s been startled or confused by the sound.


Lake life Terrace tour


By Joelle Stewart and Noa Rubnitz 

Whether it’s finishing a homework assignment or jumping in the lake, we asked folks what their favorite part about Memorial Union Terrace was and how Lake Mendota affected their experience.