Top 10 benefits of living by the lakes

By Jacob Borowsky

The widespread benefits of living by water, whether it be a lake, river, or the ocean, are well-documented. Yet, these benefits can go unnoticed and unappreciated on a daily basis — especially in Madison, WI, where Lakes Mendota and Monona were frozen for more than 90 days this winter. Thus, to spread awareness of why people should appreciate living by the lakes in Madison, Between Two Lakes has compiled a list of 10 benefits of living by the lakes.

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Documentary video: How to generate story ideas? Erica tells you how she filtered it out!

By Jonathan Mills

Many students in J335 took different routes as they were narrowing feature story topics. For sophomore Erika Gelman, although her route was rather unconventional, she hopes her story will create ripples that extend beyond the paper. Learn about how her feature story came to be by watching this exclusive video, courtesy of the “Between 2 Lakes” Documentary Team.

The future of Wisconsin’s water

By Megan Janssen, Matt Whitney, Zhaoyan Zhang

Water. A topic that gets people buzzing from all over Wisconsin. Water experts from Wisconsin and the Midwest have gathered together to present in Wisconsin’s Water Future, a workshop hosted by the Wisconsin Humanities Council at the Pyle Center.